big red rambling: 020 links to get you through the week of 12/13/2010

Links to Get You Through the Week of December 13, 2010

I. LIVE! Kind of. Actually I am still recovering from a 104 degree fever (and am still at 101 right now) that really kicked the crap out of me yesterday but after my previous two week hiatus I was not prepared to miss another edition of the column. I do not want to lose the few fans I already gots after all. So time to get this started and see how long I can go without throwing up. I got my fingers crossed I can make it through the whole… … … … … … … … … … Never mind.

Let us begin with some fun videos, shall we?

First up, is a ‘deleted scene’ from the new Yogi Bear movie that has been making the rounds today and for good reason.. Purportedly it was actually made by the animators and if the actual move can be this cleverly subversive… Well, we might, just might, have misjudged this thing. Probably not.

Now I have seen a lot of fanmade lightsaber video over the years. And this is another one. Oh and one of the better ones at that. Would not want to leave that part out. 🙂

And for no other reason than I can, here is this.

Our final video of the week is must viewing if you want to understand this weeks Deviantart spotlight. I’m just saying.
[blip.tv ?posts_id=4519545&dest=-1]

Webcomic Spotlight: Dragon Tails(Before any smart asses feel need to comment, this has NOTHING to do with the similarly named PBS show Dragon Tales)

This is my favorite webcomic of all time.

What? You want more? I mean what else do I have to say? Fine. Jesus. Okay. So, yeah, I love this strip which follows the insane adventures of a group of young dragons living off in the woods. Now when I say insane I mean it. Like say this strip:

Or this one:

Or even this one:

and finally this one:

(That last strips was from a six month storyline that featured hand drawn art as opposed to the usual CGI due to the it being a superhero parody).

The strip ran daily from March 1999 to October 2005. After that the creator has sporadically updated with new storylines (the last being in February of this year). Honestly I love this strip so much because of its twisted sense of humor. I have laughed more at Dragon Tails than any other comic I have ever read. Whether it be a one and done strip or one of the series periodic sprawling multi-month affairs, this comic kept me smiling and giggling. The characters all have distinct and amusing personalities that keep the laughs coming and the ever expanding cast of supporting and reoccurring characters (like Norman the Squirrel who is bent on world domination and might actually have a shot if he was not a. an idiot and b. so very, very, very flammable) help insure things stay fresh. With its mix of crazy characters, genre mixing plots, and self-aware characters, Dragon Tails is perfect for those individuals who love cartoons like Venture Brothers or Metalocalypse Whenever I’m stressed out or blue, I can turn to a favorite strip to cheer me up. I have read through the archives of this strip a dozen times over the years and it never get old. As a matter fact, if you will excuse me… Oh Bluey your idiotic antics will never get old. So if you have some free time, do yourself a favor and check out the best Adult Swim cartoon never made.



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