big red rambling 019: links to get you through the week of 11/22/2010

Because I have lot of things going on in my life at the moment, I am going to keep this relatively short, mainly by presenting a minimum of commentary. For any who might be worried (yeah, right) this is not going to be a regular occurrence so fear not. Now on with the show.

Links to Get You Through the Week of 11/22/2010

First up is the link that is at least partially responsible for my business at the moment, Blistered Thumbs. This is a terrific video game features, news, and reviews site, having spun off from the (frequently featured in this column) website That Guy With The Glasses. It has got some terrific people involved, including Angry Joe (http://angryjoeshow.com/) and Benzaie (http://benzaie.com.over-blog.com/). And one of the sites newest acquisitions just happens to be involved is none other than yours truly, posting news and reviews under the name of Shaun K. (I also want to reiterate this does not mean I am leaving I Have Issues or stopping Big Red Ramblings. I have got time enough for all since it’s not like I have a life or anything 🙂 So please out my new home, not just for my sake, but because it really is kick-ass site for intelligent and humorous discourse on the happenings in the world of video games.

A fun article looking back at some of the lesser known parade balloons.

Because KITTENS ARE AWESOME. That’s why.

Webcomic Spotlight: Kimono’s Townhouse
Can you make a webcomic if lack the ability to draw what so ever? Sure, lots of people have, using everything from repurposed video sprites to repeating the same static image while only changing the text/dialogue. Here is another example of this idea done right, a webcomic from a women using hand modified My Little Pony toys. I know, I know, it sounds stupid and ludicrous but only till you actually read the comic and discover how smart, clever, and laugh out loud funny it is. Leave pre-conceived notions behind and check out this amusing little web strip.

Time to get your (Video) game on.

I’ve seen platformers where you play as the hero, the princess, the bad guys, or the boss, but never one where you play as the platform. Till now.

In the vein of Super Mario Crossover, here is Super Mario Bros. X.

More than ever I am committed from avoiding the standard corporate job (now a non-standard corporate job like say writer for a corporately owned publication would be different). Here is why.

Here, why the heck not, have a point and click adventure.

And now for this week’s Deliciously Deviant(art).

The Magpie God by *LakeHurwitz

Fanart Friday Jonah Hex by *ktshy

death in the rain by *katiecookie

Letting Go by *B1nd1

Three heads are better by ~carrinth

Cool Teacher by *B1nd1

cats by ~cingy

Scarlet by *lastscionz

Scene of the Body and Phone by ~andyp89

candlelight by ~Flayu

Glacier Sunset by *slamdunker

Falling pyramid by ~oro-p

Baby Dragon – Tabasco by ~jwohland

Hope everybody has a happy, filling, and safe Thanksgiving. Till next time.


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