big red rambling: 015 a ramble and links to get you through the week of 10/25/2010

Welcome back all, to the last Monday edition of Big Red Rambling in October 2010. Man the month sure has flown by and by that I mean it has crushed down upon me relentlessly like a never ending source of agony. I have been so busy that my already poor record of doing this column has dropped to truly ridiculous levels. Still, there is no way I am missing the chance to have some Halloween fun with you all this Friday, so look for an update. Even if I must upend the very laws of the universe itself and MURDER TIME thus plunging our existence into a strange new epoch that is no epoch for time itself shall no longer be! MWAHAHAHAHAHahAHahaha ha h… … … … Yeah I probably need to stop only getting about 4 hours of sleep a night.

Anyway before we get to the linkage, lets talk Star Trek. Apparently the villain has been chosen for the next Star Trek film and it will not be, as has been long rumored, Khan. Which is just fine with me, as I was dreading the thought of rehashing Khan as I was Luthor in the last Superman movie. Much like Luthor, Khan has already been done and, unlike Luthor, with near pitch note perfection. It is difficult for me to imagine topping what has come before while also bringing something new to the table. I was left so excited by the end of the last movie for all the new directions that Trek, free of what had become the burden of continuity, could now pursue. So the thought of them just copying what had come before left me rather depressed. Fortunately that is not what is going to happen since instead one of these names will get the Abram’s reboot to the head: Harry Mudd, Trelane, Gary Mitchell, The Talosians, The Horta. Not just to be clear, I am not opposed to the idea of bringing back characters that appeared previously in Trek, provided something new and interesting can be done with them and for the most part I think any of the names on that list could qualify.

So who do I think is going to get the green light? Glad you asked. First off, I think we can right out eliminate the Horta and the Talosians. They were always more antagonists with a Twilight Zone style plot twist, than actual villains, especially the Horta. Also, the Talosians were your basic “All Powerful, Cosmic Star Trek Villain Who Messed With The Crew Because They Were Bored/To Teach Them A Valuable Lesson/Used To Be Worshipped As Gods” (patent pending) and there is another name on this list who would make a much more dynamic choice. I could see Mudd, traditionally a more comic character, as a dark horse candidate, but only if the idea was he is a antagonist, as opposed to ‘the’ antagonist ala Khan, who, through some combination of greed and stupidity, set in motion the problem that will serve as the REAL threat of the film. Otherwise the character would have to be so dramatically different from his original counterpart (certainly technically a possibility since this IS a reboot) I cannot see the point of using the name. Especially since there are already plenty of other characters, including Khan if it came to that, who could serve as the evil human or human like villain in his place. The thing is in multiple interviews over the last couple years, both Abrams and the writers have said the plan is to have a much stronger villain in the sequel that was in the first one. Indeed, it was these statements that lead people to speculate about Khan in the first place. While Mudd could be a fun character, he just does not strike me as fitting the kinds of (admittedly vague) descriptions we have been given so far. Of course, I could be wrong or plans could have changed, but until I hear otherwise, this is the assumption I am going to operate under.

That leaves either Mitchell or Trelane. Trelane, a sort of prototype for the much more popular character of Q who would appear first in Next Gen, strikes me as being more than capable of supporting a movie. He is another of those cosmic dickheads that are so abundant in Trek, especially the Original, like the Talosians. Unlike them however, Trelane was a dynamic individual, as opposed to a vaguely defined race of bland and uninteresting Guardians of the Universe rip offs, and thus much easier to build a movie, with all its inherent strengths and limitations, around. Still, he is not without his problems, including the big twist behind his character and the fact that at worse he can come across as a rather goofy Silver Age DC character (or to put another way ANY Silver Age DC character :). Neither of these problems (if indeed problems they are) are particularly insurmountable, yet ultimately my gut leads me to believing Mitchell is going to get the nod. The onetime best friend of Captain Kirk before a trip through a particularly rough spot of space gives him godlike mental powers which in turn drives him dangerously insane, Mitchell is exactly the kind of character I could see Abrams having a lot of fun with. Here would be a villain with every bit as much as a personal connection to the crew as Khan ever did. Here would also be a threat every bit as cosmic and potentially grand as Trelane, with the added extra tragic layer to balance out the goofier aspects. Also, Mitchell only appeared once in the show, and due in part to a lot of reasons, not the least of which being the episode he featured in being be hastily put to film second pilot, never really achieved the full potential a character with such a premise should have. For all that the first movie was nominally focused on Kirk, the 2009 film was really as much, if not more of, Spock’s story. This is particularly true from an emotional perspective. By using Mitchell, Abrams and company could really make the pending sequel Kirk’s first real long, dark night of the soul. Alright that is enough blathering out of me, you will have been very patient so let us get on with the linking already, why not?

Links to Get You Through the Week of 10/25/2010

As mentioned above, I am rather spirit destroyingly busy at the moment, so I think I will present most of the links this week sans commentary. Think of it being in the spirit of Halloween. After all when you go up to some strange house in a neighborhood you have been in before and knock on the door or ring the doorbell, you have no way of predicting just what awaits you. Be it candy or dental floss, treat or rock, lame or awesome, you simply gots to pay your money and takes your chances. Though I will warn some of these links, especially one of the youtube ones, is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. Enjoy.








This week’s webcomic is what you would get if you crossed Gilmore Girls with H.P. Lovecraft.





And now for this week’s Deliciously Deviant(art).















One last treat that I could not resist to add, even if is not technically Deviantart. Enjoy and see you Friday.


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