big red rambling 011: do doodley doo bop boobley boo, just rambling on

Warning: This column is filled with lots of random musings, that abruptly shift topics at the drop of a hat. No seriously drop a hat. I’ll wait while you get one. Got it? Good. Okay now drop it. And we have switched topics. Basically this new segment of the column (and 5 points plus a cookie if you get the reference the title is making) not only attempts to live up to the term of rambling, but is an attempt to give you some idea of what my thought process moment to moment, hour to hour, and day-to-day is like. Real stream of consciousness stuff. There will be overreactions, fanboy ravings, bad grammar, and other assorted geeky nonsense. You have been warned.

Do Doodley Doo Bop Boobley Boo, Just Rambling On: October Edition

Bones, and shows like it, drive me insane. Stop with the stupid will they, won’t they crap. Its cliché and worse stupid as mud. I was once kind of in situation like that, believe it or not. There was this girl about ten years ago, she was nearly as big a geek as I was, and I found her very attractive. About a month into our friendship the idea of asking her out started to enter my brain whenever we hung out yet I was afraid to ask her out because TV had taught me all the usual reasons, like it would ruin our friendship and so on and so forth. Then after another month and a half of this, I finally said ‘screw it’ and asked her. She let me down gently, we remained close friends until she moved away 3 later for work, and still chat online fairly regularly. Note I said a month and a half, not SIX FUCKING YEARS! Who does that? Who acts like that? This is all Moonlighting’s fault. Because that show was based almost entierly on the romantic tension, once its main characters got together there was little else for the writers to use. This, plus actor disputes and a bunch of the best writers getting unceremoniously fired, caused the show to tank. Yet the romance was never the point of shows like Bones. Hell, I preferred it back before they started playing the romantic card. Seriously go back and watch the first season, when Bones and Boothe were just friends and partners, and tell me the show was not stronger. Either get characters together after a few years or stop playing with us, because the uncertanty and teasing is posion for a show like this. FYI, two characters becoming involved or even married does not mean they are no longer interesting, either individually or as a couple. Chandler and Monica and Chuck and Sarah or Elle and Awesome from Chuck are perfect examples of this. Also the way Royal Pains handled this scenario (its main characters got together halfway through the season, broke up at the end of the season, and then spent the next season as genuine friends not playing the will they, won’t they game) is another excellent example.

ARGHHH!!! NO FLASH MOVIE, NO! Look, for years now I have been saying that I thought it was weird DC and Warner Brothers never try to take advantage of the fact that Barry Allen was a CSI and use this as a starting point for a new live action series. BUT TURNING IT INTO A FUCKING SEVEN RIPOFF IS NOT WHAT I MEANT! Of all the characters in the DC pantheon, Barry Allen has always most represented the goofy, ridiculous charm of the Silver Age at its best. So the only idea worse than a dark Superman movie, is the bloody moronic idea to produce a violent, morose Flash movie. Sometimes these people fail to get it so badly that it almost causes me physical pain. Hey Geoff Johns, why don’t you pull yourself away from pointlessly slaughtering characters for a moment, get off your ass, and use all that acquired power of yours to do something about this travesty! I am all for different interpretations of long running characters, but for the first big screen film of a character the ‘let’s play lip service to the character and basically throw out everything that made him him’ is not the best approach to take. The Flash is not Batman nor should his movie attempt to be The Dark Knight.

It has been forever since I actually saw a movie in the theatres. Which for a movie lover like is not a pleasant realization, but I am just too damn busy days. Between work, school, the podcast, and this column, well there just are not enough hours in the day. What is especially painful is just how many movies are currently or about to be in theatres that I really want to see. Never Let Me Go, The Town, The Social Network, Guardians of Gahoole, Mastermind, Let Me In (I have fairly eclectic tastes). I may go crazy soon from withdrawl. Of course, how will anybody be able to tell the difference?

And now for something (really, really, really) completely different. I first became aware of Yip Harburg from early childhood when my parents, my mother having been a fan of his work from her own childhood, would play recordings of his songs by various artists with some regularity. Of course I just knew the music, and that I liked it, it being years before I found out that so much of that music which I enjoyed had actually be created by one man. As I grew older, I began to fall in love with Broadway and its various shows, which is when, as a teenager, I first really learned who Harburg really was. The fact that the same man wrote “Rainbow,” ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HRa4X07jdE ) “Dime,” ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVE72Ae82Tw ) “Old Devil Moon,” ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVOlGqJSwno ) and “Down with Love” ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYE-gSTwB20 ) (all favorites of mine) kind of blew my young mind. So over the years I have listened to almost all of Harburg’s work at one time or another. Yet I have to say that my favorite still remains the obvious choice, ‘Over the Rainbow.’ While I always enjoyed the music behind “Rainbow,” it was the lyrics that always really stuck with me. I was proto-typical dreamer kid, always looking to the stars, imagining vast worlds of adventure in a puddle of water, and so on. As a child, I embraced “Rainbow” as a kind of personal anthem, for the possibilities of dreams, that maybe, just maybe, I really could wake up one day in one of the fantasy worlds I so often dreamed of. Of course, that never happened, but the playful yet heartfelt possibilities of the song remained with me, even as grew older and (hopefully) wiser. As time continued to pass, the lyrics took on a new meaning for me. I learned of the historical aspects of the song, the world and time that existed around their original writing. That much of the world was filled with black and white despair, but that people needed to not lose sight of the fact that color and hope still existed out there, somewhere, waiting to be found, if only effort and time were allowed to pass. The song helped to carry me through my own personal dark times, playing it never failing to elicit a smile or having a calming effect on me. “Over the Rainbow” remains eternal and universal in its relevance to the human experience. There are always going to be troubling times in life, moments of despair and seemingly hopelessness. To a lot of people these days, the idea of dreams is corny or hopelessly naive, and ironically I see more controversy around the song today than ever existed when it originally came out. It is only when we can no longer dream, no longer wish upon a star, or see the rainbow as a random weather phenomenon, and not a ephemeral thing of beauty, that we should truly worry. That, to me at least, has always been the message behind the song “Over the Rainbow.”

That is it for this week, thanks for putting up with this more scattershot edition of the column. While I definitely won’t use this approach every week, don’t be surprised to see it again. See you on Monday where I will a review of the new Superman/Batman animated movie and Links to Get You Through the Week, where we will officially kick off October, and by extension Halloween, in proper style.


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