big red rambling 010: Links to Get You Through the Week of 09-27-2010

Gonna keep things shorter this week due to lots of stuff going on, but don’t worry still plenty of piping hot and fresh distractions from the drearier aspects of life just waiting for you to click on them. Oh and look for this Friday’s column to actually have a bunch of diverse and short topics expounded upon. Or in other words actual ramblings. Me, trying to live up to my title? I am as shocked as you are, trust me.

Links to Get You Through the Week of 09-27-2010

If this new TV spot for Fallout: New Vega does not get you excited for the upcoming game… Well it may be time to check for pulse because you might just be a zombie unawares.

Stories like this are what help me get out of bed every morning. Seriously, how can any Doctor Who fans not love something like this occurring.

For fans of Girl Genius, Warren Ellis’s latest revelation is not a big surprise. Hopefully other comic creators will catch on.

This week’s episode of Atop the Fourth Wall has Linkara taking on his greatest foe yet: Pat Lee and Dreamwave produced Transformers. THE HORROR!

I love the A.V Club, a more serious (in the sense that it legitimately covers pop culture news as opposed to the ‘we take ourselves WAY to serious’ sense) offshoot of the Onion, and lists like this one of the top 24 movie trailers that function as standalone works of art are a big reason why.

For some time now, there has been a man producing amazing comic strips. Sometimes they are standalone affairs, such as stories from a Roman Empire that never fell several centuries after it should have fallen. Sometimes they are tributes to the horror movies of yesteryear, filled with more good horror movies ideas in a single strip than the entirety of so called franchises. And sometimes they are wonderfully done Doctor Who fan comics, such as the 10 Doctors, an epic featuring, you guessed it, all ten (the comic was started in 07 and ended before the last 10th Doctor adventure aired) incarnations of the Doctor and practically every other companion/alley/enemy of note from the entirety of the shows history in adventure so genuinely epic it could make your eyes melt. All of these comics are produced in a wonderful style that resembles nothing more than the rough storyboards of a cartoon, draft lines and all. Currently he is doing, of all things, a 6th Doctor/Jem and the Holograms crossover. By all rights this should be the stupidest thing ever, instead it is nothing less than awesome. I always thought Synergy had to be alien tech and it turns out I was right. (Why yes I did watch Jem as a child and no I don’t give a fig what you think that says about me. I’m openly bi. Believe me, I have heard it ALL before.) If are looking to obtain a big smile on your face, then by all means click this link. The 1st link is to the main site, while the second takes you to the beginning of the 10 Doctors, which incidentally lasted a full 247 pages and is also available for downloading in full as PDF if such things strike your fancy.

Speaking of the good Doctor, here is something that all aspiring time travelers should be sure to look at.

Video game time, and boy do I have some winners for you this week. Lets start out with this little gem, whose title says it all, Robot Wants Ice Cream, a highly enjoyable Metroid, old school style, like game.

A few weeks ago I introduced to people to the latest game in the Grow series. Now let us go back in time to an earlier game in the series, Grow RPG.

So have enough stress in your life? Want more? Than this game is for you.

More platforming action with Final Ninja Zero.

Here is a favorite little timewaster of mine, Me and the Key, that starts out simple but gets progressively, and deviously, trickier with each passing level.

Enjoy a Contra like shoot em up, on me.

Finally, I give you Kingdomy, a game where you have 30 years to turn your little kingdom into something mighty and impressive indeed.

And now for this week’s Deliciously Deviant(art).

In the vein of keeping things short this week, no theme or anything like that, just some pretty pictures I thought you might enjoy. Don’t worry though. Themes will be back next week, oh yes indeed, MWAHAHAAHA!!! Be afraid. Very afraid. 🙂

Home and the Fairies by `zancan

Tea with a View by =firedaemon

The Punch Bowl by ~Andyw01

The land of dinosaurs by ~Fel-X

The Blue Man by ~brandinisays

Forrester Beach Startrail by ~MattLauder

Night Stroll by ~zazB

Scooby by *Dhutchison

Poetique de la disparition by `foureyes

life is about… by *blue-a


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