big red rambling: 006 links to get you through the week of 09-13-2010

Let me begin by apologizing for last week. Between getting sick, the late arrival of comics, and a metric ton of schoolwork (in part because of recovering from said sickness) the last couple of columns just did not happen. I am going to try and make sure this never happens again and I promise this Wednesday WILL feature comic reviews from me. Enough recriminations, time to get on with the column. Today’s column particularly goes out to all you crazy people currently or about to be waiting in line to pick up a certain game about armored space Marines shooting each other and aliens repeatedly in the face and other body parts. We who are about to respawn, salute you.

Links to Get You Through the Week of 09-13-2010

The song Something Wonderful from the King and I as performed by the characters (and voice actors) of the Venture Brothers. In live action. With accurate costuming for the show and choreography from the original.

O god, where do I even begin with the sheer geektasticly, bordering on orgasmic, delight that is the latest Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 trailer? Hmmn… Oh wait, I know, how about I start with the reveal of TRON BONNE! For those not aware, Tron is a semi-obscure character from the Mega Man family, specifically the (again fairly obscure) Legends subseries. Tron was technically a villain, albeit of the comedic kind, originally but was so popular she eventually spun off into her own game and was also a featured fighter in MVC 2. Still while she has a vocal yet small following, and rumors of a new Legends game abound, I did not seriously expect her to be showing up in this game. Perhaps I should not have been so surprise though, considering her counterpart, MegaMan/Rock Volnutt poked out his head in the last Vs. game, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars. Now if only that rumored twelve issue miniseries from Udon turns out to be true, I will indeed be one happy geek. Oh yeah, here is the link to the actual trailer before I forget.

Perhaps in the last couple decades there is something meme worthy on the Internet you have a inadvertently messed and now you feel like a total loser. Well, while you definitely should feel like a total loser, fear not, for there is now hope for your sorry pathetic ass. Presenting for your edification, Greg Rutter’s Definitive List of The 99 Things You Should Have Already Experienced On The Internet Unless You’re a Loser or Old or Something. You all are welcome.

Sometimes shows just do not become the hits that they deserve to be. These days though, there thankfully is Hulu to help correct these grave injustices. So for example, let us say you have never heard of the wonderfully subversive, early 00’s, based on the comic by Frank Miller and Geof Darrow, animated series The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot…

If my occasional angry rants, such as my reaction to OMiT during last week’s show, amuse you, that have I got a treat for you. One of my favorite Internet based video show, Atop the Fourth Wall, has just reached its milestone one 100th episode and I wanted to send its host Lewis ‘Linkara’ Lovhaug good wishes by linking to it. For 100 episodes now, Linkara as ranted and raved about some of the worst material comicdom has ever produced. May he rant for at least another hundred more.

I don’t get it. How did a show so silly and obvious in its concept (supernatural Desperate Housewives) and with such a poor pilot, become so good? The Gates really snuck up on me this summer and I am genuinely sad we are unlikely to get more of it. When it comes out on DVD, do yourself a favor and check it out. And if you need convincing of the quality of the show, this review has a clip of a wonderfully written and performed scene from last night’s episode.

If you have never heard of Girl Genius and the other find comics By Studio Foglio, I am here to fix that problem. The comic has the tagline of ‘Adventure, Romance, MAD SCIENCE!’ and boy does it ever live up to it. Girl Genius presents an alternate history “where the Industrial Revolution has escalated into an all-out war” due to the battles between “Sparks” – highly charismatic mad scientists with supernormal abilities in one or more sciences. Its creators have described it as a gaslamp fantasy and it must be doing something right, because for the second year in a row Girl Genius has won the prestigious Hugo award for Best Graphics Story. If you are looking for a humorous, heartfelt, ridiculous, gorgeous, intelligent, and FREE good time, you need to click the below link RIGHT NOW!

I think I just found my official T-shirt. Once it arrives, you can bet I will be wearing this for the show. If you have some time, and some money to burn, be sure to check out the rest of their offerings as they have some nice ones.

Enough sitting there like a log doing nothing while vegging out. Time to sit there like a log moving your fingers, eyes, and brains cells while vegging out. That is right, it is game time.

Lets start out with a wonderful little nightmare. True horror needs neither blood nor monsters and visions of hell need not be cloaked in fire and brimstone.

RPG gameplay has already been mixed with puzzle games, racing games, 1st Person shooters, and survival horror. So why not the classic game of hangman? Why not, indeed.

Video games have been in existence long enough at this point, that they have developed their own language and tropes. When we who game see a small character run from one side of the screen to another while jumping on top of oddly designed creatures, we know what that means. Or at least, so we think… These next few games then are about playing with and against expectations. Prepare for surprises, both silly and moving…
http://www.raitendo.com/games/you-only-live-once (make sure to reset your browser upon game over, so as to get the alternate endings)

Whew. Some of those were rather… Intense weren’t they. Here is somehting simple and fun to cleanse the pallet then.

Finally the last game this week is one you may have seen before considering how long it has been available but considering the plans my co-host has for tonight, how could I resist.

And now for this week’s Deliciously Deviant(art).
This time I think we enter the dangerous yet rewarding world of fan art. I say dangerous, because let us say for example you decide to one day innocently enter the words ‘Timon Pumba’ into the search field. Chances are very good amongst all the wonderful work you will stumble upon a few pieces of pure, undiluted nightmare fuel. So I hope you appreciate the dangers I braved to bring you this week’s pieces.

Let us start with something so sweet and innocuous that surely no one could do anything unseemly with the Care Bears could… OH SWEET LORD WHAT ARE THOSE HORRIBLE ABOMINATIONS!!

Ahem, moving on, moving on. Ninjas. Who does not like them? Nobody, of course. So here are a whole bunch of them.

Ah, that was much better. Let us keep the nice going with a look at everybody’s favorite giant huggable furry thing, Totoro

Awwww. That was nice. About another Totoro pic. Hmmm… What’s this one… OH, JESUS NOT ANOTHER ONE! TOTORO WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOU!?!

Oh god, I need something, anything to get that image out of my head. This will do.

So, you ask me ‘Big Red what is one of your favorite video games of all time?’ And I would answer you this.

Not the best pic ever and kind of out of date, but damn it so perfectly captures my feelings on the subject.

Wow. Just wow.

Okay that is just the cutest a certain intergalactic bounty hunter has ever looked.

Some awesome Doctor Who pieces from current Boom and Muppet artist Amy Mebberson.

Mashups and crossovers are fun. Lets look at some of those.

Now for reimagining’s of some old favorites.

Let conclude this week’s affair in the manner befitting the name of this column. Randomly.


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