big red rambling: 005 Links to Get You Through the Week of 09-06-2010

Links to Get You Through the Week of 09-06-2010

I am going to keep this simple this time and just give your weekly dose of links to cool stuff that will help your survive another week. Last night was the party for my parents 40th anniversary and it was going very well indeed. Until about 9pm when I started throwing up. I had caught a bug, fever and everything, and spent the rest of the night on and off worshiping the porcelain god. Cut to tonight and I still have a fever and am feeling like shit, yet I do not want to miss another column so soon. Fortunately since I had most of the links prepared in advance, I do not have to. Yay. And now on with the show.

Aaron Williams, creator of Nodwick, PS238, and North 40, linked to the following clip as an example of why Eric Kripke, creator and showrunner of Supernatural, could do an excellent Sandman series. And he is right. (Spoilers for Season 5)

When you are not feeling well, it is the simple things that sometimes help you through the day. This video is hardly a new idea but it remains a well done version none the less.
Dancing at the Movies – Music Video

Seriously, there was never anything on TV cooler than Dexter’s Lab. All there have been shows AS cool as Dexter’s, but cooler? Nope, just not possible. Do you doubt me? Then take a gander at this long lost Dial M for Monkey, one of the subcartoons from Dexter’s, banned after only 1 airing in 2002:

I think there are few things in life as effective as mixing gut-juggling humor with gut-wrenching emotion. With that in mind I give you all this sketch from British comedy masters Mitchell and Webb, Elderly Sherlock Holmes.

I mentioned this in the twitter feed, but what the hey. Nobody should miss something this fun. The online series Chuck Presents – Buy Hard: The Jeff and Lester Story featuring Halo Reach starts 2morrow: http://www.thewb.com/shows/chuck

Yes, folks it is time for another episode of that hit show, The Love Tardis:

Speaking of time travel, it turns out that Portal and Left for Dead 2 actually came in the 80s. What, don’t believe me? Then how do you explain these comericals:

Okay, that is enough videos for now, let us move on to the games.

A well done little piece of fun that actually manages to be oddly melancholy while also being simultaneously ridiculous. In other words, my kind of game. Zombies Took My Daughter is a side scrolling action game with heavy adventure game elements as well. Enter a randomized city, ensuring you never play the same game twice, overrun by the walking undead and hack, shoot, and bash way to clues to your daughter’s location.

What do you get when you mix a rabbit and a frog? A. A hideous genetic abomination. B. A fun side-scroller that does for jumping for what certain hedgehog did for running really fast:

So if when you saw the ‘classic’ film Tremors did you route for Kevin Bacon or the worms? If the latter, then have I gots a game for you:

There are many video games out there in the big, wide world. I think it can be safely said, without fear of disagreement or contradiction, that this is one of them:

Yeah, yeah. More zombies. I don’t much like em either but you have to admit they do feature in some cool games:

Combine card games with castle driven warfare and what do you get? This:

I continue to be amazed by the degree of talent expressed by independent game makers who continuously take little and make a lot. The final game I linking to this week is in many ways incredibly basic and simple. Yet it possesses such truly hauntingly beauty do not be surprised if it sticks with you for weeks to come. Here then, is Coma:

And now for this week’s Deliciously Deviant(art).
Last time, I presented a fairly random assortment of art. This week, in honor of the first full week of September, the art by will be presenting to you will all be themed around Fall aka Autumn, the season that moves us towards all endings and yet also begins the holidays. Now I love the holidays, especially Halloween, so as you can imagine Fall has a special place in my heart. It is with this dichotomy in mind, that we begin, as I present to you pieces that either are directly referencing Fall or remind me of the feelings that Autumn create in me.

First a few from a favorite artist of mine who I featured last week, B1N1D

September Witch by *B1nd1

Autumn Dance by *B1nd1

Woodsy Gloom by *B1nd1

Moving on the next artist is another favorite of mine. The remainder of art following this will be presented without comments. Sometimes words just are not necessary.

Lost Colony by *Radojavor

The Pumpkin King by *Radojavor

Land of maples and pumpkins by *Radojavor

Autumn Pooh by ~Moonseed

Goodbye, summer by ~miumzoo

The Mushroom Road by *jerry8448

Forgotten by ~Telili

under my umbrella-I by ~BuklegiL

Silence… the child sleeps by *ChristineAmat

Autumn by *Floriandra

Autumn Fire by *Nzeman

The Foxglove Ball by `Foxfires

LOST by ~yyan

You’ll never walk alone.. by ~KarinLouise

Distant Rain by ~rad-ix


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