big red rambling: 003 links to get you through the week and a video game review

Links to Get You Through the Week- 8/30/10

So it is Monday once more. The start of another long work week. And you are probably thinking to yourself, ‘O sweet lord how the hell am I going to make it through another week?’ (Yeah yeah yeah. I know traditional five day workweeks are growing less and less common. Hell, most of the people I know do not work such a schedule. Just work with me, okay?) Well, fear not gentle reader, for Big Red is here to save the day. Going forward, I will devote a portion of every Monday column to giving you links to places where you, that’s right YOU, can go for sweet relief from the doldrums of the working week. No, no, do not thank me, for I need no thanks, that is just the kind of awesome guy I am.

Let us begin with some fun games that have the two most important qualities all games should have: they are fun and they are free.

A real time strategy side-scroller where you must fight off an alien invasion to save the human race.

Vertical Drop Heroes
Free the town, rescue the princess, and save the world… By falling down. A lot.

Grow Valley
The latest in this esteemed series, an empty valley faces you, yours to turn it into a paradise. As long as you make the right choices, in the right order…

Treadmillasaurus Rex
A T-Rex runs on a treadmill till enough power is built up that the Wheel of Awesome spins and dispenses awesome prizes. It is just that simple.

Bunny Bunny Boom Boom
All right you sick batards. I know you have all been just aching for the opportunity to make bunny rabbits eat carrots then explode. So here you go you sick freaks. Here you go.

This type of game, where you have to coordinate your actions across several different characters, is very popular right now. And this is one of the better examples I have run across.

Finally three games so weird I honestly do not know how to even describe them. But hey at least they are fun. Also they all can be beaten with enough persistence.

Epic Combo

Victorian BMX

Achievement Unlocked 2

Wait. What is that your are saying? After a long day at work, you just want to relax and not have do all that exhausting clicking. Fine, fine. *sigh* Here is some stuff to look at and/or watch. You lazy bums.

8-Bit Comics: Your Favorite Super-Heroes Reimagined For the NES. Nuff said.

I think we all knew, deep down inside, that Free Willy was originally meant to be a horror movie.

If you have never been to this site before, you are really missing out. The best humorous, pop-culture video reviewing site on the web this side of Rifftrax.

To those who miss the Far Side or Percy Bible Fellowship, here is a great little web comic that explores the vagaries and wonderful insanity that can be seen in.. Scenes From A Multiverse

Finally, here are some wonderful pieces from DeviantART, explanation free so as not to spoil them, to wow and awe your eyes. Expect a lot more like these in the weeks to come.

Illusion and Dream by ~Ultima-eFFik

Alone by *drewyboy

STICK FISHER by ~yasir2007

Come Back by `monavx

Make a Wish by =keepwalking07

Overlook by ~lorraine-schleter

Something wicked… by ~cichutko

Breath of autumn by *Anna-Marine

Tube time by ~LouisStone

Solitude by *nairafee

Sea Stars by *B1nd1

The Whisperer by ~kamixbeat

floating by *edubz02

The wall by =MichelRajkovic

Video Game Review:
Doctor Who Adventure Game: Episode 3: Tardis

One word review of this game: disappointing. Want more? Two word review of this game: very disappointing. When it was revealed that the next Dr. Who adventure game was going to be set on the Tardis and even feature a brand new room that would be making an appearance next season in the show, I became very excited. If only I had known that this much touted new room would be one of only two to feature in the game, my excitement would have been greatly lessened. Yes, what we have here is an adventure game composed entirely of two rooms, the second of course being the console room that makes its appearance in every god damn episode of the show. I am seriously pissed off that I wasted $5.00 on a game that took me less TEN MINUTES to beat. Look, the first couple episodes in this series where not exactly the greatest adventure games of all time but they were a helluva lot better than this tripe. They actually featured a good number of locations and environments to explore. So, while I never expected to get to explore the entire Tardis, I sure as hell fucking expected more than TWO ROOMS! Sure, the new room has a lot of Dr. Who minutia to look at and sure you get to have the Doctor explain exactly how everything on the Tardis console works. That is a nice touch, I will grant you but it is still not nearly enough for me to recommend this game. In the UK these episodes are available for free and honestly even at that cost you are getting a overcharged for episode three of this series. Avoid at all possible costs.


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